Ramón Sender Barayón - Brief Biodata

Born in Madrid during the General Strike of Red October, 1934, my baby sister and I were evacuated to Calais, France, via several jumps, 1938.
The next year we were informally absorbed into an American family. Subsequent studies in piano with George Copeland, harmony with Elliott Carter,
counterpoint & fugue with Harold Shapero, composition with Robert Erickson, San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Darius Milhaud, Mills College.

I co-produced the SONICS electronic music series at the S. F. Conservatory, 1961, with Pauline Oliveros and Morton Subotnick, which evolved
the next year into The San Francisco Tape Music Center Inc., with Subotnick and Sender as directors. Pauline subsequently joined us
when she returned from her travels. With the move into larger quarters in 1963, we shared the space with Anna Halprin's 'Dancers
Workshop' and the concert hall with radio station KPFA-FM. Anthony Martin began to collaborate as visual composer. Composer
and percussionist Bill Maginnis joined us in 1964 as our sound engineer.

In January, 1966, I accepted Stewart Brand's invitation to help produce the Trips Festival, conceived by Ken Kesey as a spin-off from the Acid Test
concerts then underway with the Grateful Dead and Merry Pranksters. This three-day event amazed everyone by the energy generated, and I took
some time-out in the Mojave Desert to ponder its Tibetan implications, which were profound.

In May, 1966, I co-founded the Morningstar Ranch commune with Limeliter Lou Gottlieb, and in 1970 volunteered as "president" of The Ahimsa
Church at Wheeler's Ranch, where the Morningstarians moved after Sonoma County authorities bulldozed their homes three times. The Ahimsa
Board of Directors consisted of whomever made it to the top of Hoffy's Hill at sunrise on the appointed day.

A list of various articles, books, compositions, art shows, readings are listed here

Ramon Sender Barayon is a central figure in the history of the greater Bay Area counterculture: electronic music pioneer, co-producer of the Trips Festival in San Francisco, consigliere and chief remembrancer of Morning Star and Wheeler Ranch open land communes. Born in Spain in 1934, he is a living link between the radical communal traditions [Spanish Anarchist Naturism] of the Old World through his father, the Spanish Anarchist novelist Ramon J. Sender, and the New World through his first wife Sibyl's great-grandfather, John Humphrey Noyes, who founded the nineteenth century religious utopian Oneida Community. In exile from fascist Spain with his father and sister as "citizens of the planet, without attachments... radical cosmopolitans," Ramon grew up in New York, where he began his music studies (before continuing at the San Francisco Conservatory and Mills College). He first tasted communal living in his early twenties via the authoritarian communism of the Bruderhof, and went on to co-found the Digger commune, Morning Star Ranch, with Limeliter Lou Gottlieb. Edited from an introduction by Iain Boal in "West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California" (PM Press, 2011)