Ramón Sender Barayón Catalog Sample (continued)

The Aquatic Fandango Series

The most recent method (Summer, 2009) I've embraced involves working on paper with colored
inks in a combination of spontaneous drawing with 'action, splatter and splash' techniques along with a more
studied approach, although allowing the form to 'develop me,' so to speak.
I view this series as an homage to Paul Klee who has remained a favorite ever since my teenage years. In
my twenties, I also befriended a few of the 'Tenth Street Artists' of the New York School that included the
Spanish sculptor Esteban Vicente (1903-2001) and his painter friends Ruth Miller and Roland Elzea. In 1956
Roland and I rented two studio apartments on 6th Street with a shared bathroom while he was taking a graduate
degree with Robert Motherwell courtesy of the U.S. Army. I acquired much of the flavor of my friends'
work via osmosis (although at the time I was focusing on composing a prepared piano piece for a dancer and
recording it on a wire recorder -- homage to John Cage).
Overall, the 'Aquatic Fandango' approach attempts to achieve what Suzi Gablik and others term 'Reenchantment'
or, as Gablik writes, "stepping beyond the modern traditions of mechanism, positivism,
empiricism, rationalism, materialism, secularism and scientism -- the whole objectifying consciousness of
the Enlightenment -- in a way that allows for the return of soul."

Samples of the 4-Ink Aquatic Fandango Series (the series number a total of 18)