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Ramón Sender Barayón - Biodata

A Partial List of Exhibits, Musical Compositions, Publications, Performances

Published Books
Being of the Sun with Alicia Bay Laurel (Harper & Row, NY), 1974; The Morning Star Scrapbook (Friends of Morning Star, Occidental, CA) 1976; Zero Weather (Family Publishing Company, Bodega Bay, CA), 1980; Zero Summer (private publication, San Francisco, CA) 1981; The Guide to Everwhere, an interactive novel (Apple CD-ROM Learning Disk, Cupertino, CA), 1988; Death in Zamora (University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, NM) 1989, published translations in Spanish and German; Death in Zamora paperback (Calm Unity Press, San Francisco, CA) 2004; Death in Zamora new Spanish translation with additional materials October 2017; Conversations With Shady (e-book publication at http://www.raysender.com/shady.html; Home Free Home: A History of Two Open-Door California Communes 2017 paperback available on www.amazon.com; Morning Star and Wheeler's Open Land Communes: A Brief Run-Through of Their Histories and Including Manifesto I and Manifesto II paperback and Kindle available on www.amazon.com

One-man show, Gallery Sanchez, San Francisco, August 2010: oil and acrylic prints on canvas and paper; spontaneous ink drawings/prints

Four Sanskrit Hymns, 4 Sopranos, 4 vc, db, harp, pf, cel, 3 perc, 3 tape, 1961; Traversals, tape, 1962: Kore, tape, 1962; Kronos, tape, 1962; Tropical Fish Opera, 4 inst, 1962; Interstices, tape, 1963; Time Fields, pf, fl, cl, vl, cel, perc, 1963; Thrones, amp pf, tape, lights, 1963; Balances, amp str qt (with db), 1964; Wagner, tape, 1964; Desert Ambulance, amp accordion, 2-track tape, projections, 1964; In the Garden, cl, va, projections and tape, 1965; World Food Series I-XII tape drones, 1962-65; Septet, mixed instrs, film, 1965; Enoughing, tape, 1968; Ushas, tape, 1968; Xmas Me, tape, 1968; Loopy Gamelans on ‘A’ and ‘B’ for four performers, 1976; Loopy Gamelan [Oh ‘C’ Can You Say], Oakland Children’s Chorus, 1977; I Have a Dream, mixed chor, 1978; A Tewa Prayer, mixed chor, 1978, Great-Grandpa Lemuel’s Death-Rattle Reincarnation Blues, Dixieland band, accordion, tape, 1981; Three pieces for tape and audience participation: Seashore Sizzle: Aidan's Gamelan; Donkey Gruntler Serenade, 2003; Kore II for tape, boy soprano (live) and projections, 2004, 200. 100 Favorite Classical Masterpieces mix;

Published Articles
Articles: New Mexico Commune Report, (The Modern Utopian) 1969; Open Land Manifesto (Ahimsa Press, excerpt in Whole Earth Catalog) 1970; Ashes (Co-Evolution Quarterly) 1977; Clay (Co-Evolution Quarterly) 1981; John Ott, Light Pioneer (Whole Earth Quarterly) 1986; Some of these pub dates are approximate -- no on-line indices exist for these now-defunct periodicals.
The Heart Will Find A Way (Communities Magazine) # 88 Fall, 1995; Politics On Open Land (Communities Magazine) # 140 Fall, 2008.

Readings & Writers Workshops (selective)
Bennington College, VT (1987); ‘Live Letters,’ Kingston, NY (1987); University Book Store, NYC , 1989; Sonoma State University, 1990; Santa Rosa Junior College; San Mateo Community College, 1990; San Francisco State University; Cody's Books, Berkeley, CA, 1990; Manzanita Books, San Francisco; Metropolitan St. College, St. Paul, MI; A Clean Well-Lighted Place, Larkspur, CA, 1990, City Lights, San Francisco, 1991. Odd Mondays Series, San Francisco, 2003, 2008; Cover to Cover Books, San Francisco, 2004, 2008; BAMPFA 2017; Northwester University 'Summer of Love' conference, 2017; Western Sonoma County Historical Society, 2017; Odd Mondays Series 2017.

San Francisco Composers Forum, San Francisco Chamber Music Society; Mills College; Oakland Children’s Chorus; San Leandro High School Chorus, Occidental Community Choir, Monday Night Series, Los Angeles; The Loft & Barnard College, New York; University High School, San Francisco; BAM, Brooklyn; New Music America, Philadelphia; New Music Theater, San Francisco; Noe Valley Ministry, San Francisco; L. A. County Museum (12/2000); Swedish Radio, KPFA, KQED, KALW, WNYC, etc. S. F. Tape Music Center retrospective at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; S. F. Electronic Music Festival, 2008; Mills College, 2009.